Best Practices for Seed Planting

There are many ways that you can go about planting seeds. One thing you should always do is make sure that you plant the seeds at the recommended soil depth. Generally, tree seeds require a shallower depth than most other annual seeds do, but that is dependent upon the size of the seed as well. The best thing to do is to follow the directions printed on the seed package to know the right depth for planting. You should use vermiculite or peat moss, or some other well-drained medium, to plant your seeds in.


When you’re ready to sell your seeds, fill the seed tray or container up to around half an inch from the top with the moist soil. Shake our tap container gently to level the medium.


If you are working with a larger seed, those that are over one third of an inch tall, push half of it into the soil. If you are working with smaller seeds, lightly sprinkle them over the soil surface. Use a fine layer of sand to cover the seeds that is about the same thickness of the seed itself.


Once the seeds are planted, you will need to water them gently and keep them moist. Do not allow them to get too wet. You will need to maintain relative humidity and high moisture to germinate the seeds. To increase the humidity, you can enclose the seed tray in a tent of plastic. Be certain to put some holes in the plastic cover, though, to keep good air circulation. The trays will need to be kept in a warm location that is dimly lit.


Some seeds will germinate quickly as in a few days, but others can take several months. This depends both on the species and on the conditions in the environment. After the seeds have germinated, move the small seedlings to a location that is bright. You may need to keep the seedlings inside for several months before you plant them outside. Tried to give the seedlings as much sunlight as you possibly can.


By following these steps in seed planting, you should be able to get good results. The most important thing is to follow the directions given for each package of seeds that you use.

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