Hello, and welcome to Growing and Learning Outside, or GLO. My name is Jerry, and I am the founder of GLO in Australia.

Plants are of vital importance to people all over the world. They provide us with two essential elements we need for life, food and oxygen. They can also help us with the necessities in life such as tools, medicine, and shelter. The value of plants continues to increase as the world becomes more urbanized and plants are destroyed in record numbers.

In Australia, we continue to see the destruction of plants every day, especially trees. Our goal with GLO in Australia is to enhance and expand the forest in urban areas by teaching the people within the communities to both plant new trees and care for the ones already there. In an urban environment, people and trees need one another to survive. The trees help to shade our homes, provide shelter for us and animals, feed us, and much more. The trees need people, too, though. For an urban forest to be successful, it takes a group of people that are dedicated to plant and care for the trees and other plants.

Through this website, our goal is to educate the public on how to plant, prune, and care for the trees in their community. By doing so, we help not only the trees and the environment, but also ourselves.